Te Mata Estate


-----The Glory of the Family

Established in 1896,One of the few wineries in the 19th century New Zealand. specializing in high-quality wines of classical style, Te Mata Estate remains family owned,and has produced wine from the Hawkes bay vineyard for more than one century . Every step in the production of our wines is undertaken by us, from grape growing and pruning through to wine making and bottling. 

Hawkes Bay is a very special place for making wine. Its range of slopes, plains and climatic differences, coupled with low humidity and ample ultra-violet light, give winemakers a comprehensive toolkit to showcase their skills. Soils are young and derived from the gravels, silt and sands left behind as the three main rivers of Hawkes Bay changed course over thousands of years.

Te Mata Estate is large enough to be with sufficient resources and small enough to focus on the details.

For the past 40 years, Te Mata has led the way with NEW Zealand’s modern Wine Production. Carefully selected locations and extremely suitable climates provide a solid basis for the production of good wines.Te Mata Estate’s reputation as New Zealand’s most outstanding winery is based upon the quality of its flagship wines, Coleraine, Awatea,Bullnose,,Zara, Elston Chardonnay, Cape Crest, Subignon, Blanc and Zara Viognier released in 2009.

In 2012 Te Mata Estate launched Estate Vineyards – a collection of five varietally designated wines; merlot/cabernet, syrah, Cameherr, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc.  Collectively labelled as Estate Vineyards, these wines are sourced exclusively from Te Mata Estate’s own vineyards and blended to represent the best qualities of their variety, vintage, and Hawke’s Bay origin.