Hans Herzog Estate

Hans Herzog
——————————————The guide of an elegant life

Hans Herzog Estate settled in 1994 in the most beautiful Mediterranean Garden in the Marlborough Center, a family-owned New Zealand winery and restaurant. Herzog offers wine and food lovers an elegant place to relax and is the most precious in New Zealand. One of the real artisans, Hans Herzog himself was one of New Zealand is most respected brewers. The boutique estate and restaurant are now widely regarded as one of New Zealand is best wineries, with 29 different grape varieties, each equipped with a specific vineyard, and the soil naturally shows the grape is personality.

With its fashionable taverns and cellar doors and the first five-star restaurant awarded by food magazine, Hans Herzog has become a must-pass destination. The manor breathes the souls of its masters Hans and Tracy Herzog, who are generous, loving the good things of life and willing to share them with their guests.all share the same values: a passion for wine and food, commitment to excellence and quality, and a love for the great New Zealand environment.

Visit them as part of their family art, Savoer Life, and live fully in an elegant environment. The appreciation of wine, food, and art is a central part of their philosophy of life. It is a tribute to these three and an inspiration to the mind, body and soul.

Hans Herzog is roots lie in Switzerland where the family has grown wine since 1630. There Hans and Therese owned the successful "Taggenberg" vineyard and restaurant in the Zurich wine country.

Looking for a new challenge, in the mid-1990s they planted an 11 hectare vineyard bordering the Wairau River here in Marlborough and later moved the winery and Michelin-starred restaurant.

Here Hans has adopted an experimentalist stance, cultivating an eclectic array of varieties, including Arneis, Barbera, Tempranillo and Zweigelt - as well as the more traditional Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The organically-managed vineyard benefits from a warm, dry microclimate and Hans ferments at cool temperatures using wild yeasts, the white wines barrel-fermented in 500 litre oak puncheons, the reds aged for 12-30 months in French oak barriques, creating wines rich in varietal character.